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Fellatio Techniques

Men find it extremely pleasurable if it's done correctly and women often derive satisfaction from performing it, or at least will gain enjoyment by indulging their partner.

As with all sex acts, a condom should be worn if you are with a new partner, or a partner whose sexual history you are unfamiliar with. Obviously pregnancy cannot occur this way, but sexually transmitted diseases can. A condom will dull the sensations slightly for the male, but immense pleasure may still be achieved. For your own sake though, in this instance try not to use condoms that are pre-lubricated or contain spermicide, as they will leave a very unpleasant taste in your mouth. Some men may try to insist that using a condom will interrupt the flow of things and subsequently ruin the mood. A good way to placate your honey's objections is to incorporate putting the condom on in a playful or erotic manner as a prelude to fellatio. Try putting the condom in your mouth and applying it by rolling it down the shaft of his penis using your lips and teeth - being very careful not to damage the condom.

Leading up to fellatio is an important part of the game. The main idea at this point is to excite your partner with the anticipation of what is to follow. This can be done many different ways, for example by kissing and caressing him all over his body except for the genital area. Another method would be to talk dirty and tell him in a suggestive manner what you are going to do to him. How long to do this will depend on how impatient your partner is. This part is all kind of a cat and mouse game; if you pay attention to your lover's reaction, you'll know when to pounce. As a general rule, men are more impatient than women and don't like to be teased for too long. It is important to mention at this point that your partner will achieve a higher level of satisfaction if you seem like you are enjoying yourself too. Be enthusiastic about it, or at least smile and have a pleasant disposition. If your partner believes you are not enjoying the act, he will generally not enjoy it either. One caveat though: because they find it so erotic, men are generally able to reach the point of climax quite easily and you may or may not want him to ejaculate in your mouth. If not, it is a good idea to inform your partner beforehand…


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