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Improving Fellatio
Chapter 2

Certain portions of a man's genitals are more sensitive, and therefore more responsive than others, meaning that you'll have to minister extra attention to these bits. These include, but are not strictly limited to, the glans (head of the penis), the frenulum (on the underside of the penis, connecting the glans with the foreskin), and also the area just underneath the scrotum. The anus is also worth mentioning, but is an area that many people find uncomfortable giving or receiving attention to.

Kissing, licking, sucking and nibbling are the main components of oral sex, and the ways that you can use these techniques vary greatly. A good place to begin is by kissing your lovers penis and scrotum, followed by licking upwards on the shaft of the penis. Some men like it when you put one of their testicles in your mouth and suck on it. (Be gentle as this is a very sensitive area!) Vary the amount of pressure when sucking on it with your mouth travelling up and down the shaft. One thing to keep in mind is that a penis is not nearly as sensitive as a clitoris, and as a result, men generally prefer a firmer hand so to speak than a woman in the same situation. Another good idea is to simultaneously put your tongue to task, for example you can make circles on the head of the penis while on the upstroke. Making little flicking or wiggling motions with your tongue while the penis is inserted in your mouth may also prove effective. If you are situated between your partners legs, you may rock your head back and forth with your chin moving toward his chest on the upstroke. Use your tongue to wrap around and add extra pressure to the frenulum. You may even use it in a paint brush fashion (the front of your tongue on the upstroke and the back on the down) if you are talented. One of the most important things to remember is that you should change the technique that you are using every minute or two and do something else. Don't repeat the same motions for long periods of time unless your partner is telling you not to stop, as with undue repetition, both your partner (and you for that matter) may become easily distracted and lose interest in what is going on. Another factor is that an area may become sore if rubbed or sucked for a long time. A further benefit variation is that you can rest your mouth, or catch your breath if you need to by switching techniques - without a distracting pause in pleasure for your lover.

Sometimes while performing fellatio, we forget that a certain part of our bodies should be used to take some of the workload off of our poor, tired mouths...our hands! Put them to work! They are so adept at touching, feeling and rubbing that it would be a shame not to employ them now. Use them to enhance what your mouth is doing; for example, while the penis is in your mouth, use your hand to go up and down on the shaft simultaneously. Another option is to use them to pay attention to the penis while the mouth is on the scrotum and vice versa. When a man is close to climax, he often would like you to apply a little more pressure. Because your hands are powerful you can use them firmly on the penis while you use your mouth and tongue on the head of the penis. Another good use of the hands is to use them to rub other parts of the body during fellatio, for example, the small of the back or the buttocks provide extra pleasure and are usually within reach.



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