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Improving Fellatio
Chapter 3

The hardest part of performing fellatio for most women (with the exception of your man!) is resisting the gag reflex. For some reason a man gets really turned off if you throw up all over him (yes, we've heard of people who have done this). The art of resisting your gag reflex is a learned practice called "Deep Throating". The gag reflex is a natural instinct your body has when you are trying to swallow something that is going down your throat. In this case, as you don't want to swallow the whole thing, when it is stuck in your throat, you gag. First of all relax, if you are all tensed up and taking short little breaths, your chances of gagging increase. Before trying to deep throat your partner, take a few slow, deep breaths and try to relax your throat muscles, even open your mouth up wide like you're yawning a few times. Also, when you are taken by the urge to gag, swallow. This is a highly effective way to trick the reflex and provide additional pleasure to your partner. It takes practice and concentration, so don't give up if you can't do it right away. You can try this out first with your finger or a food item if you like. Another pointer is to be in a position with your head tipped back a little, as this is a more natural way to slide things down your throat. Timing is also something to bear in mind here. Just after a huge meal is probably not the best time to try out this technique. Remember that old adage your mother told you about waiting 30 minutes before you went for a swim, well, the same thing applies here. Interestingly enough people are also more prone to gagging early in the morning. So if your honey wants a good-bye kiss somewhere else before work, make sure that you are not one of these people before attempting the deep throat technique.

Now the big issue: to swallow, or not to swallow, that is the question. The minority of women do and the majority of men wish women would. It is really a question of taste - literally! Most women don't like the taste of semen. Different men taste differently, depending on their natural body chemistry and what their diet includes. As a general rule, the more junk food and fatty foods that he eats, the worse the taste will be. If your man doesn't taste too bad, try to swallow it. It won't hurt you. If you find that you really don't like the taste, a trick is to swallow it really fast. Get the penis as far back in your throat as possible and swallow it immediately, just like chugging down a beer. You won't even taste it a bit if you do it correctly. There are all kinds of old wives tales saying that swallowing is good for your complexion and things like that, which are completely false. These fables were probably started by men that were trying to convince their wives to swallow! For many, it's an intimate act that they'll only do for someone that they truly love.

Another factor to bear in mind is that not all men enjoy the same thing; what worked on your ex-boyfriend won't necessarily work on your current. It is very important to pay attention to your partner's reaction to the proceedings, which can sometimes be difficult as many men are not very expressive. If a variation seems to be producing the result that you want, remember it for next time. Something else to remember is that men are much more visually oriented than women. They want to watch you. It is a huge turn on for the majority of men, so remember to make eye contact occasionally, and if you have long hair, keep it out of the way or tie it back. Most men find a brief sexy smile between variations extremely erotic… it also gives you a chance to rest your mouth!

So, during your next encounter with oral sex, remember to tease him until he gets impatient, use your hands simultaneously with your mouth, and try to swallow. Remember, there are many different techniques and there is no right or wrong way to perform oral sex- just have fun discovering what your partner enjoys and he'll generally want to reciprocate!

For a fantastic book with tons more information on fellatio, check out: You Want Me to Do What? An Illustrated Book on the Joys of Fellatio: Explicit Techniques.


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