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Chapter 3

Regardless of biology, faithfulness to your partner is set in high regard in our society. There are many ways that we can play an active role in keeping our spouses from straying. For starters, try spicing up your sex life. You can do this by trying new positions, using sex toys or dressing up in sexy clothes. Often children can put a damper on sexual activity. Get a sitter and spend some time alone to rekindle the fire. Do something juvenile such as having sex in your car instead of in your bed. Remember, many people cheat for the excitement of it, so be imaginative and dream up some way to give your partner a real thrill.

As previously mentioned, women often cheat because of emotional frustration and dissatisfaction with their partner. This is simply a communication breakdown within the marriage and major efforts should be made by both partners to practice effective communication skills. Talk to your spouse about what is bothering you, tell them your most intimate goals and desires. Also worth mentioning is the fact that many couples that have been together for any length of time begin to take each other for granted both in and out of the bedroom. Go out together and have some fun, and take the time to remember why you fell in love in the first place.

Whether fidelity is biologically natural is not as relevant as whether you feel it is important. It is always best to tell your partner how you feel, and make some sort of agreement on the issue. If you have ever cheated on your spouse, keep in mind that sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS are very real dangers, that their contraction happens to ordinary people, and can potentially ruin your life. If you find out that your spouse is cheating on you, keep in mind that no matter how awful you feel about it, it is very common and that most marriages survive it. If you work on keeping the lines of communication open and the sex interesting, you may remain in the minority of marriages where fidelity is possible.


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