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Sexual Role Play
Chapter 2

Many couples also use this method to act out a fantasy. Firemen may have always revved you up, but your husband is a banker. Your wife may be a secretary, but will be able to knock your socks off in your fantasy as a French tourist. It's a healthy, safe way to spice up your relationship - like sleeping with someone else, while not cheating on your spouse. Even if mechanically the sex is the same as always, it will seem much more exciting to pretend that you are a heroic man coming to the aid of your damsel in distress and have her fall for you.

As previously stated, the game can be carried out in various degrees. It doesn't take anything other than mental effort to pretend, but it takes a lot more thought and planning to dream up a costume and then buy or make it. Some couples actually go to the trouble of traveling to another geographical location in order to properly act out their ideal fantasy. Your only limit is your creativity.

Some commonly used ideas for role-playing fantasies include:

  1. the hero saving the girl
  2. the stripper and the smitten man
  3. pretending to be strangers having wild sex
  4. the sex kitten seducing her mouse
  5. the hot stud mesmerizing the awestruck innocent girl
  6. the pretend rape scene
  7. the King/Queen and their servant
  8. the master/slave scenario
  9. various movie stars or rock stars and their devoted fan
  10. famous politicians, CEO's or people of power and their loyal followers
  11. scenes and characters from various movies or plays
  12. favorite athlete and the victory euphoria
  13. casual acquaintances of people you are attracted to
  14. acquaintances that you don't like that you think would be okay if only they had some good, uninhibited sex!

If you haven't tried out any of these ideas, it's never too late. Some people are embarrassed by the notion, or feel silly, but if you let go a little bit, your fears will be overcome by excitement and pleasure. Perhaps have a couple of drinks if you feel the need to loosen up a little! If you and your partner are a little uncomfortable with the idea at first, start small. For example, begin by talking to each other about what fantasies you have or by talking about a scene in a movie that really turned you on. Once you feel comfortable discussing what you may find titillating, it will feel more natural to pretend to be in that scene or to carry out the idea. It doesn't have to be vulgar or crude, it may equally be gentle and romantic. An easy scenario to try out role-playing with is to pretend that it's your first time having sex with each other again.

Let's accept it, if we are going to be committed to monogamy, and look at the same face on the pillow every morning for upwards of 50 years, some effort is going to be involved. You don't just stay attracted to one person for that long without working at it. One of the best ways to prevent your sex life from becoming stale is via role-play. The bonus is that the list of possibilities is endless, and we can change personalities as we tire of them and fall in love with each other over and over again.


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