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InfidelityIs your partner cheating on you?

In North America, we place a great amount of importance on fidelity, which can be defined by Webster's Dictionary as "adherence to the contract of marriage". When we are discussing our spouse's faithfulness, we often improperly use the term monogamy, which actually means having only one husband or wife at a time. Law in North America prohibits being married to more than one person, so therefore for purposes of this article, we will use the term fidelity.

Why on earth are the majority of married couples unfaithful? The answer to that question is complex and multi-faceted. Certainly the widespread use of birth control is part of the answer, as pregnancy is not necessarily a consequence of extra-marital sex. Part of the reason may lie in liberal modern attitudes about sex. After the sexual revolution of the sixties, sex has been seen in a different light - with more of a focus on gratification. Some research also indicates that multi-media is partially to blame, results show that men repeatedly shown nude pictures of pinup models in magazines later describe diminished feelings of love towards their wives.

Men and women tend to have different reasons for committing infidelity. For men, it tends to be a merely a question of simple physical gratification, whereas for women it is often because of emotional dissatisfaction with their husbands. Other reasons include: a feeling of sexual liberation with a sex partner that you don't have to see again (the one-night stand), the lust for the acquisition of the forbidden fruit, the thrill of variety, the ego boost that proves to yourself that you "still have it", and lastly, the confirmation of lasting youth.


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