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Dress Up SexSexual Role Play

Role-playing can involve you and your partner dressing up as characters either real or imaginary and acting out your roles together. Some kind of plot or storyline either predetermined or ad lib usually occurs to some extent as well. Many people that use role play in their sex lives may not actually dress up, but simply pretend to be something other than what they are in real life.

Why do people play child-like games during a sexual interlude? The most common reason is because it's fun! We have been the same person throughout our whole lives; it's refreshing to pretend to be something or someone different for a change. Most children discover the "let's play pretend" game at a young age to help their imaginations and their minds flourish. Why not break the shackles of our usual conformity, let go and have some fun? If you are with your regular partner in the privacy of your own home, who's going to know?

Our day to day lives can be fairly routine and unimaginative. We live in the same house, with the same people, go to the same job, do the same tasks at work, eat the same meals on a rotational basis, clean the same clothes and the same bathtub over and over again. Fortunately, we don't often look at it that way (I hope!), but there isn't always room to be innovative and exciting. Role play gives us the chance to be someone else - without all the difficulties of actually changing our lives. We may just pick and choose the characteristics and attributes that suit our desire, and discard the rest.

Another reason so many of us engage in this diversion is that it also gives us a sense of freedom. If we are pretending to be a knight in armor, or the Lady Godiva, we are more likely to lose our inhibitions, try new things and let go a little more than usual. We are able to rationalize this in our conformist logical way by blaming our alter ego for our actions. It gives us another chance (or an excuse if you'd rather) to say what we really want to say and do what we really want to do without worrying about the outcome to the same extent that we usually do. This is because the fear of rejection from your partner is lessened, it is your character that wants to try something new, and if your partner thinks that it is a dumb idea, you won't be as apt to take it personally. A couple that is stuck in a rut sexually can often develop a new lust for each other by changing the routine in this manner.


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