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Pre Menstrual Syndrome
Chapter 2

There are some very basic measures that you can take to help reduce the severity of PMS. Your diet is a good place to begin with; after all, you are what you eat. Stay away from certain foods - sugar, caffeine, and alcohol in particular. Try eating several small meals throughout the day to level off your blood sugar levels. Reduce your intake of food that contains salt and fatty meats. Taking vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is thought to help reduce overall symptoms, while vitamin E helps reduce breast tenderness and cysts. Oils contained in primrose, black currants and flax are also considered beneficial in reducing PMS related symptoms.

Regular aerobic exercise can additionally assist in alleviating the associated symptoms, especially exercise that occurs during the normal period wherein they occur. It is believed that exercise triggers the release of mood enhancing endorphins in the body. Other stress reducing exercises such as yoga and meditation also are purported to help significantly.

If you find that your PMS is so severe it results in regular non attendance at work, become violent or self destructive, or is in any way seriously debilitating, seek counsel from your doctor. There may be medication that will assist you in your quest to transcend these difficulties. Many women with both severe and mild symptoms are turning to herbal remedies which are said to reduce the effects of PMS , yet, as this industry is largely unregulated, you must be careful to research before you begin any alternative therapies. Tracking your symptoms to see when they occur and how severe they are may help you and your doctor determine what treatments, if any, are most appropriate.

Learning to recognize your psychological tendencies during PMS is also very important. If you find it hard to live with yourself during this time, imagine how everyone else in your household feels. Although PMS is a real condition, with real symptoms, learning how to cope with it more effectively without punishing your family is definitely worthwhile. They will certainly appreciate it, and you won't have to spend the rest of the month making up with them.


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